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Will I die from vaping twice ?

hi so, my brother left his vape in the car (he’s 18) n my mom thought it was an air freshener, I took it in my room 2 inspect it n realized it was a vape, I’m 14 years old so obviously I’ve nvr tried one before, so I take two puffs n I look it up bc I’m scared .... CAN I DIE FROM JUS TAKING TWO PUFFS N PUSHING IT OUT?? I DIDNT SWALLOW ANY OF IT IM JUS SCARED BC I HAVE ASTHMA N ITS A HYDE VAPE BTW HELP I- HELP should I jus hide it or destroy it? Or give it back 2 my newly turned 18 yr old brother n not rat him out smo help me pls??

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    oh for heavens sake you wont die. Has your brother died? Neither will you. You are absolutely fine

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