Who do you think murdered Olof Palme?

Though the investigation is over after 34 years. We never really know who actually killed him but we think it was a lonely maniac or the police. People are deperate to know who did it. I think it was Christer Andersson though people never really talked about him but we owned guns and lived 15 minutes away from the crime scene. He was lonely and was similar to Christer Pettersson and had actually shot his own TV when Palme was on camera. Christer Andersson was 34 years old and was 185 cm tall and heavy built. Christer Andersson shot himself in 2008 when the police knocked on the door.

I am sure that Christer Pettersson is NOT guilty because he had no hate against Palme. I think that just looked like the gunman on the apperance and he had just been famous at this time for making small crimes. 

In 2018, the police got information to recover tasks from Stig Engström who worked at Skandia just outside the crime scene. People said that he had a trench coat, hat and glasses which some witnesses confirmed that the gunman had but not dark hair. Stig Engström had also been competent to guns and owned some and had trained shooting on ranges. Stig Engström was 52 years old at the time and peaking at 182 cm tall Stig Engström have said in a TV interview that the police is not skilled to chasing killers. He had drinking problems and hanged himself in June 2000.

What do you think after all this??

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