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I don't do self-care sometimes, and I would like to know how I can?

Honestly, I slump in taking care of myself.  I hear people tell me though, if I have self-love, I will want to get up and not slumber. Sometimes I am full of energy and I can take care of myself. Other times I just slump and do nothing. I know it's not hygienic but I have no motivation too. 

How much is self love tied to mental health?

 I have memories, of myself getting constantly "dolled up"  before I had these issues. I endured loads of trauma, in my life. I have huge anxiety now at 30 because I have nobody, really even though I know my heart is very kind. 

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    Are you taking psychiatric drugs? Because they can make you stop self-caring. So can other things. Abandonment, bad divorces, depression, PTSD. List goes on.

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