What does "the ultimate needle goes back and forth" mean in the text.?

It’s an exciting job and it would be energizing, but then you have to put in the balance what you already have versus what you would gain, and sometimes the ultimate needle goes back and forth. So I started reflecting on my life here.

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  • 1 month ago
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    I think the metaphor is that of a manual balance with a needle at the top to show when the balance is equal (the needle would point to the very center line of the scale).  In effect, life is a matter of finding the balance between what one already has (which pushes the needle one way) versus what can be gained (and would push the needle the other way).  In effect, these are offsetting "weights" and as one of them grows (increases), it tips the scales toward itself. 

    A life that is stuck in the eternal battle of flipping the needle one way followed by counter actions to flip it back the other way, but never finding balance, is stressful and does not seem to be ideal.  The person recognized this lack of balance to his/her life, and started to think about how to change so that balance could be achieved.

    That is what I get from that statement.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    The reference is presumably to sewing.  In sewing you generally push and pull the needle back and forth.  The 'ultimate' refers to the actual moment of decision-making, whether you should take the job, after you have thought about all aspects of the exciting job you have been offered.

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