Choose the words that best complete the sentence.?

Nobody suspected that the __________ in the field of ethics was capable of the kind of __________ he used to get his job.

    a. utilitarian…propriety

    b. rudiment…decorum

    c. luminary…chicanery

    d. defection…larceny

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  • A.J.
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    1 month ago
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    The answer is "C".

    A luminary is a person that enlightens, inspires, and influences. The person is notable or prominent in that field. He knows, teaches, represents ETHICS in this sentence.

    Chicanery is cheating, tricking, fooling, a sham, unethical means and methods. 

    The words fit, and the others do not. This is a "fancy" one of advanced English for IQ or a college level exam.

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