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is she being b*tchy?

In beginning of semester, I asked a girl to join her science project. She accepted and the day before it was due, she asked me to send her the work that I have done over last months so she can compile it.. but she discovered that I did not have much done so she told me that she regret working with me and she was only nice when she accepted to work with me and I could not even repay kindness with being diligent when more than half of project was already done when I started. She also told me to no longer contact her anymore and she wants nothing to do with me. She also said that she only gets in trouble by working with me

Is she being crazy?? Over reacting??

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    She's being blunt and letting you know that she's not pleased that you asked to work in her group, barely did any work and skated by on her coat tails. She is telling you that she accepted you into the group to be polite and feels that you took advantage of her. Her delivery method seems harsh but she's being honest. 

    Just take it as a lesson and move on. Do better next time and forget about her.

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