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If we don’t get to choose to be born. Why aren’t we allowed to choose death. ?

I am a 23 year old female. I was born and as I grew up I was a good kid. I followed every rule, I didn’t ask for presents or parties or much at all. 

As I grew up my dad told me I never had to work because he was saving for college. I went to him numerous times to tell him I wanted to work so I could pay for college but he told me no. 

On my graduation day my dad smiled at me and asked me how I was going to pay for college. I thought it was some kind of joke, but it wasn’t. So I went to work and saved up some money. I paid rent. I later found out he used it all to pay for his wedding to his new wife (which to me is fine). 

When I turned 19 I met a boy and dated for the first time. They kicked me out and handed the boy boxes full of stuff from my room. I only knew him for a few days. So ever since that day we lived together. 

The thing is. I had to sell my computer. So I couldn’t stream or do classes. As we moved bills became too much and we had to leave school to work. We can’t afford a good internet connection. So all I can do is continue to work. Which I do love work, but because I couldn’t go to school it isn’t much money. 

My question is. When you are born because your parents just wanted kids.. if you don’t get to choose life. If you’re simply born, why is it so wrong to choose to die?

the generic answer is “oh it hurts others” that’s very generic. But it shouldn’t be illegal to get a shot that could make you pass away. It shouldn’t be illegal to choose. 


What I meant was why is it illegal to just cut a shot that will most certainly kill you if you apply for it and it can be prescribed or whatever. Or even if you just apply for it on your own. It should be possible to buy it even without a middleman who might feel bad about it. It should be legal to buy suicide shots or pills for the purpose of suicide. 

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    Nothing is stopping you from killing yourself if that's what you want to do.  

    It's illegal for someone else to help you.

    Two different things.

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    Nice story.

    But what is the truth.

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