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Should I go to the ER?

My boyfriend pushed his arm down under my chin (putting all his weight down, holding me down) and after it hurt my neck when I looked down or awakened from a nap. Now days later I have a bad sore throat and it hurts to yawn or even open my mouth. Over the counter medicine only helps for like 2 hours then the pain comes right back. I think he strained or tore something because I heard cracking as he was holding me down. Should I go get checked out?

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    You should at least see a doctor. The trachea or windpipe that you breathe through has cartilage in it. He could have cracked or broken something in there. It might have to be realigned or repaired. Seek medical help, and then seek a new boyfriend after ditching that one. 

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    Didn't read the whole thing but if worried either go to ER or at least see a doctor.

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    "Days later...."  That is not an EMERGENCY.  You should absolutely go to your doctor, but that is not something to waste the time of an emergency room.

    I would certainly hope that you filed a police report.

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