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Trump administration fights in court to fight food aid during the pandemic to lowest income Americans?  WT??

The Trump administration is fighting in federal court to block states from giving billions of dollars in emergency food stamps to the lowest-income Americans during the coronavirus crisis.

Residents of Pennsylvania and California have sued President Donald Trump’s Agriculture Department over a policy that has kept roughly 40 percent of households who rely on the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program from receiving any emergency benefits during the pandemic. After being ordered by a federal judge last week to proceed with the payments in the Pennsylvania case, the department is continuing to appeal.

The Agriculture Department says that it’s simply following the law. A spokesperson noted that a California court recently sided with USDA on a procedural matter.

Critics say the Trump administration is trying to return to its pre-Covid mission of shrinking safety net programs, even as economists warn more help is needed for businesses and millions of households that are newly unemployed, behind on rent and struggling to buy food.

Oh and by the way they will be in court soon to take away health care from millions of Americans during the pandemic as well

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    There is no way for Trump or any of his corporate buddies to see a profit from this so Trump is completely uninterested. It's like being aggressive fighting Covid-19 when corporate interests will only profit from vaccines.

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    And your question is?

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