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 help please.. doubts about web development?

So I was thinking about getting more serious about the web development thing. I already know a little of html and css, and plan to improve it and learn java script and some cms. I know that these four things are not all I need to learn but I read an article saying that web developers need to know like hundred of things .. python, ruby, perl, php, node, django, java, react, angular, bootstrap and a bunch more of other things.. and also relearn all of them every two months cuz they change all the time. I'm not sure if the person who worte that article was trying to discouraging people or maybe was into really premium, enterprise level websites..

So is it necessary to really know that much to be able to make small or mid size websites for example, websites for dental clinics, real estate, blogs, restaurants, etc.

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    I would say it's not necessary to know all the different types of scripting, and the problem with those is they change all the time and go in and out of favour very quickly. 

    Where I used to work in IT support and development, lots of stuff was first written in basic shells , ie C-shell, Bourne Shell , Korn Shell , BASH, then lets do stuff in plain html, then PHP , then python , then perl , then ruby ... and so it goes on.

    When I started with websites, it was a question of writing the raw HTML yourself.

    Then you started getting web development tools, especially with a GUI interface , where it did it all for you, so you didn't have to 'align, bold' for example, you just select with your mouse, couple of clicks and placed it..

    There's plenty of free web development tools which are quite sophisticated and do all the tricky stuff via a GUI, and if you see anything that looks cool on a website you can always copy the code.

    If you have already started doing web development and making websites you will know all this by now I think ?

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