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I recently quit my job and was owe PTO but got paid $2 less than my actual hourly rate?

I ended up not taking any vacation due to COVID so I had 125 hours worth of PTO that was supposed to be paid after leaving. I just saw my check and and I was paid $24.04 instead of my actual hourly rate of $26.44. Is that illegal to do in California. Also I completed 16 hours for the last paid period that I worked and once again it was at the rate $24.04. I was never told I was getting a paid cut.

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    Your employer is not allowed to retroactively cut your pay. It is curious that the amount you were regularly paid was 10% more than the amount they paid you in the end. Is it possible that you were looking at a line in your paycheck reflecting something other than your gross pay? If your employer was previously matching 10% of your pay to go to your 401k account or something like that, your company's PTO payout policy might not match that portion; although, it should still pay matching funds based upon your hours already worked. It might have also been an adjustment they added (after your gross pay) to cover your employee provided health care, which again doesn't get paid post severance.

    Have you attempted to contact their HR/payroll office to inquire about this?

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    PTO is a perk, and legally  once you quit you are not entitled to anything, so be happy you got what you did.

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