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What could my dream possibly mean and could it be true I am so worried about it and can't stop thinking about it ever since I had it help !?

I had a dream that I was fat, short, wearing nothing but red swim briefs and I was stuck in solitary confinement. I was trying to listen to music and my sister, my cousin, and her friend were all standing outside of my cell wearing nothing but pink one piece bathing suits. They were making a lot of noise and I could barely hear my music. So I yelled at them from my cell telling them to be quiet because I was trying to listen to my music. They in turn turned around, laughed at me and said "do they even let you listen in jail?" I want to know how this is fair. How is it fair that I went to jail and not them even though they deserved it because they were teasing me and making fun of me. How is it fair that I went to jail and my only sister didn't? Is it simply due to the fact that I was a guy and she was a girl? Also, why did they just stand there and make fun of me rather than free me and take me out of jail? Please if someone could tell me the explanation behind this dream that would be very helpful. I also noticed in real life that I have gotten into trouble way more than my sister. I used to get sent to the principal's office all the time when I was in school while my sister never went to the principal's office. I also got so many detentions, suspensions, and would receive a lot of time outs as a kid whereas she wouldn't even if we would do the same exact thing! I am starting to become very upset and worried about my life. I can't get over that dream and it is not fair help!

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    Because you are disturbed by this dream means that the message it is bringing to you is very important. Dreams are not meant to be taken literally. The message is in symbols which relate to your life. With practice, everyone can decipher their own dreams. It’s better if the dreamer interprets because of the knowledge of self and current life situations. 

    Seeing yourself fat and short in red swim briefs would suggest that you have issues about your image. You feel totally exposed when you are with others. Furthermore, it appears that your friends and sister have a way of preventing you from being yourself. Their personalities are so strong, yours is drowned out. You feel they have great personalities and image and are successful because of it. You feel trapped because of your own personal self image - the way you look at yourself.

    What is important to realize from this dream is that what others think is not important. What others are doing with their lives is not important. What is important is how you see your own self and the choices you make. You need to realize how amazing you are and how valuable your own thoughts and choices are. You need to do what makes you happy, despite what others think - provided no one gets hurt in the process. Find ways to enjoy life for you do deserve success and happiness and this is under your control. Ignore others and do what you know is right.

    Source: Meditations for the Journey into Light by C. Mohan

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