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Is he cheating or am I crazy?

Me(21) & my boyfriend(21) we’ve been together for almost 3 years, we live together. I have no friends, I’m always home, he does so he’s always out. I’m not a strict gf, if he tells me he’s going to smoke, drive his friend somewhere for gas money or to simply chill with his friends, I simply say okay and let him go no matter what time—sometimes even 1AM. He works every other night so he’s like a vampire, always up during the night even on his off days since he sleeps midday so I’m understanding of that.

 We have each other’s live locations on iPhone but I rarely check his unless my messages arent delivering, or see how far away he is with food etc etc. its been times where he’s at a unfamiliar place (I know where majority of his friends live) I ask, he’ll facetime me telling me where he is and why. I loved that, and I trust him because he shows SOME type of proof...I guess?While picking him up from work this morning, the car got kinda foggy. He was asleep on the passenger side. I see 1 handprint and 1 foot on my driver side. Handprint on top, footprint below.Back then, before we lived together, we had plenty of car action so I know the positions he likes the most, Driver side. Backseat sometimes.

I havent confronted him yet, I want to check for more in the back later tonight...

I’ve been cheated on in the past I feel so dumb...but could I be crazy with this situation? We treat each other amazing. But im such a homebody and he’s always out, I’ve had assumptions before

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  • T J
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    1 month ago

    He is cheating, are you that blind, or do you refuse to see it. You need to make some surprise visits at home, when he thinks you are at work, leave your phone at work, so he thinks you are there, then go watch your  house, you can trail him with your phone at home. If you need to have a phone get a burner phone at walmart, that he does not know about.  He is cheating, you know it too.

  • 1 month ago

    To be honest, while I was reading your text, firstly I focused on the way you live. Don't be always indoors and antisocial. Go out and start meeting people, make friends, walk, start a activity... You have to improve the way you live first, find yourself and then the others will be able to know and connect with you... 

    Now, about your boyfriend, I cannot be sure if he is cheating on you or not -I think that you can find it out, you can feel it if it is so- but it is very normal he is going out. 

    In any case, being flirting with your bf, going out with him to new places, travelling with him, having new experiences with him and love him is the best way to keep him close to you. ;)

  • R R
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    1 month ago

    This seems like a complex situation.  I would not assume he his cheating, I would just assume that someone put their feet there.  I would just ask jokingly, hey wash you car more often, you got feet marks there.  See the reaction, a defensive reaction is not good, a cool reaction is usually ok.  Also, go out more, that way you will not immediately believe people cheat, people cheat for many reasons, but don't take all that circumstantial evidence and add it up to something bad.  Its probably nothing.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Him cheating and you being crazy aren’t mutually exclusive.

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