Why has Mali never qulified for a world cup despite being good at the youth level like Senegal, Nigeria, Ghana who have qulifed and advanced?

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  • Adam
    Lv 6
    1 month ago

    I've had to google this to see their record. For a start they didn't enter qualification until 2002. Also the African qualification system is really difficult and one of if the most difficult qualification systems to go through (only OFC IMO is tougher). Namely because it comes down to a 2 legged tie. Look at all the others, Europe you have a group stage for most teams, South America its a league, Asia and North America have group stages at the end for most. With group stages, you can still qualify despite having 2 bad games in most instances (playoffs the exception)

    With Africa, if you get a tough draw or have some bad injuries for those last 2 games, regardless of how you've done up that you are out. Add in the fact there are a lot of reasonably decent sides in Africa you have a phenomenally hard qualification system. Personally i think they should move to a more European system of just groups then playoffs for competitiveness but each to their own.

    Also as with the Majority of African teams, they tend to have talent loaded in 1 area of the pitch and be weak in others. Mail is victim to this

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