Is magic on the football field instinctive, or does the instinct actually require awareness?

Sometimes a situation, such as running at not just one, but two defenders can seem impossible. But yet, a simple thing such as simply turning your back on the defenders quickly, and momenterally back in to them (all this is happening at high speed) has just prevented not one, but "two" defenders from legally taking that ball from you, and now you are going to turn again to the right and complete a full circle, but you are not going to touch the ball. The ball is still moving forward, yet is on your back heels, but your spin to the right will almost certainly make the defender on the left think you were going to go round him to the right, and now you are quickly going to bring that ball back to your front foot and the the defender on the right is going to readjust and block your path stright threw and so now you are going to simply go round the defender to his right, have both of them on your left, and are going to burst the back of that net with no defenders between you and that goalkeeper, and you are going to beat the keeper by making him dive to the right, because that is the direction you swang your leg, but you instead with your foot made contact with the ball at seven o'clock, which meant the ball actually went to ball actually travelled to the left of the keeper.

Do you see how before you can produce magic on the pitch, you need to have the knowledge already in your brain?


And is the belief that it is instinctive, the very thing preventing youngsters from believing in themselves, and realising that they can instinctively do this, by becoming aware?

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  • Adam
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    4 weeks ago
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    Everyone of your questions so far comes back to the same thing. I think there are certain physical gifts you do need. Some people are blessed with better coordination than others.

    However I agree most of it is mental. To improve this you practice. Practice enough you can do the same task without thinking (which is what I mean by instinctive).

    Put yourself in enough situations and study what you do in those or study what others do, your decision making process becomes quicker and you can make complex decisions very quickly.

    The negative here is you can practice/learn badly, which is where a good coach is essential as they can advise on the correct way to practice/learn. 5 minutes of quality practice is worth more than 2 hours of bad.

    If you read into Ronaldo and Messi, their work off the pitch is phenomenal.

    If you have a certain level of physical gifts, the difference between the top players comes down to how much they've practiced/learned from their own performances.

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