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How do I get traction on my basketball shoes again?

I purchased some Kobe 10’s from offerup that needed a lot of restoration work to be done on them. So I deep cleaned them, and also unyellowed the soles with the salon care 40 creme technique. When I finished the unyellowing process, I noticed that the bottom of the shoe became very slippery and pretty much had no traction whatsoever. It made the rubber on the bottom a lot more stiff than it was before, so I’m wondering whether I may need to soften up the rubber or something like that. If anybody knows what caused the rubber to harden, or even better, knows a solution to get the rubber back into its original state, that would be great! Thanks for taking the time to get to my question! Have a good day

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    Well that was dumb. You ruined the souls. There's no fixing them. You chemically leached out the polymers in the rubber that keeps them soft and pliable and give them their grip. The chemical reaction that did that can't be reversed any more than the reaction that turns firewood into ash can be reversed to turn it back into wood. Pretty soon, expect the rubber to start cracking apart and flaking. Shortly after that, the soul is going to crack in half as a giant crack forms right where your foot bends under the ball of your foot and stepping in a puddle will instantly give you wet socks and you'll be able to stick your finger through and feel the bottom of your foot. Those shoes are dunzo.

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