Should I give this a shot? ?

I recently met a guy at the market while I was out of the country this past month. At first glance, I didn’t think he was my type physically, but I didn’t give that too much mind because I thought the way he spoke to me and how much he wanted to get to know me was cute and super flattering. He was able to charm me to the point where I forgot to ask how old he was, and even ended up giving him my number out of persistence. When I left that day, I felt very different like sure guys have hit on me in the past but I never felt like THIS! So several days pass and I haven’t heard from him, I thought that was really strange because of how much he pressed me for my name and number and just seemed so eager to get to know me. I end up going back to this market and pass by his shop, he’s there and he confronts me about giving him a “ fake number”. I told him I was from

 the states and that if he messaged me, I never got it. However, I was given a chance to correct my number and I didn’t. He tried talking to while I was there and I was interested in him but I was being hard to get and playful and eventually ended up leaving. I left without any means of contacting him and I was so disappointed in myself because I thought I liked him and I was happy to see him but I wasn’t showing him now I interested I was. I’m not sure if it was because I was shy, but I’m still beating myself up over two weeks later and I’ve already returned back home as well. 


Cont’d : Now I’m disappointed because I felt a spark and didn’t act on it. What should I do? I found a way to get a number from the shop he works at, should I call and ask for him? Am I being crazy? Like why didn’t I ask for his number when I saw him after he told me there was an issue with my number, was I flustered?Am I really not that interested deep down based on looks? I’ve probably seen this guy a total of 4 times, am I just being desperate?Should I let it go?I think he’s a good guy idk :/

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  • T J
    Lv 6
    1 month ago

    He wanted into your pants, nothing more. He does this to all girls from other countries. He is a player. Forget about him, he is not going to come running to the USA for you. What did you think was going to happen with a guy from another country? Sell his shop and run and marry you?

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