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A satellite is in a circular orbit around a planet at an altitude 3r above the planets surface. The radius of the planet is r and the?

The satellite speed is v. Determine the mass of the planet.

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    radius of orbit is 4r

    V = √(GM/R)

    V = √(GM/4r)

    V²4r = GM

    M = V²4r/G

    Satellite motion, circular

    V = √(GM/R)

    V = √(gR)

    T = 2π√[R³/GM]

    g = GM/R²

      T is period of satellite in sec

      V = velocity in m/s

      g = acceleration of gravity in m/s²

        (9.8 m/s² at ground level)

      G = 6.673e-11 Nm²/kg²

      M is mass of central body in kg

      R is radius of orbit in m

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