Can I have triplets with three different eggs?

Just a hypothetical question really, but I wanted to research it just to see if it was possible.

My partner is a trans male, and we both want to have children that are our own. I wanted to hold an egg of mine, his, and one other. Is that possible to have triplets that way? The sperm would be from one person. 

We have always dreamed of multiple children, and I have a long line of twins and don't really want twins and then an older sibling (I was the older sibling so triplets would be best)

Also reminder this is just a silly question, but any information would help. I'm mostly wondering if all three eggs would be able to be impregnated at the same time, or if because two are not related to me at all something would "kill" them off.

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    While it's technically possible, it's quite unlikely. Firstly, the goal of IVF is always to create ONE healthy child. A pregnancy with multiples is considered a known risk, not a goal, and a RE trying to create triplets on purpose is likely considered to be an ethics violation worthy of lost licensure because triplets pregnancies are so inherently risky to the gestating person. 

    Secondly, just because 3 embryos are put in doesn't mean all 3 embryos will take. Many IVF cycles are not successful because while an embryo can look normal or even pass genetic screening like PGS, that doesn't mean it will turn into a healthy baby. No IVF cycle is a guarantee, because there are too many biological factors that we can't control for.

    Lastly, transferring 3 embryos in an IVF cycle isn't really done. 1-2 is standard, and a RE will only consider trying 3 embryos if the couple has already had previous failed cycles. Doing 3 at once is kind of considered a Hail Mary before the couple either starts over with yet another cycle or gives up. These days more REs are actually moving toward single embryo transfer only, even though in the past 2 embryos per transfer was the norm.

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    I suppose it's possible, Neil Patrick Harris and his partner have twins this way... one is the biological child of himself and the other is the biological child of his partner, they had the same egg donor for both children and then the surrogate. 

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