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Why is rock and roll not popular anymore? Rockers used to dress like women and in these times that's perfect?


Check out the New York Dolls, Seventies KISS, the Sweet, David Bowie etc

Update 2:

Name one Dominique. What new rock video?

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    Are you talking about rock generally or just glam-rock?  In either case, the musicianship of modern "artists" is lacking, because modern "producers" are no longer interested in musicians; they just want to make their own recordings behind some auto-tuned face.   Plus, female singers/front-persons now probably outnumber the males, so androgynous/cross-dressing doesn't create the same vibe as it did in the early '70's. 

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    Music evolves over time. A part of popularity is that the music that young people like is different from what their parents liked.

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    Because it is still popular, that's why.

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    Music, especially professional secular music, it cycles, so right now, we are having a punk - country cycle, so it will cycle around again years from now. The boy band thing comes back different every decade, as do the girl groups, as for solo acts, it is depends on what you can do. I used to be a pop music song writer for R & B more based radio music, a long time ago. A long time ago. I am starting to get old. Bands like in the 1980's are unlikely for a while, plus, the fact the up and coming generations aren't into guitar , drums, and piano music like even the 90's kids and the Gen - Xers were before us. 

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    Well, that was the way the British interpretation of Rock music was, a completely opposing abstract at best. The original Rock music, American Rock, was of course a completely different animal, a beast of another nature. You still hear that played and practiced in America. That's not going anywhere.

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    Polyphia is the band you are looking for, I think.

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    All genres fade and get replaced by something newer. Rock is on the way out. Check back in 2100. By then Pop and Hip Hop will be dead too.

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    As a fan of the progression of music it couldn't imagine being stuck in the past. Born in the 50's I probably have forgotten more bands than you'll ever know of. Your mainstream died 2 decades ago, get over it.

    Instead of crying about it I challenge you to post a real question and I'll show you real bands. This way you get nothing from me, anon.

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    Because it's not the 70s. 

  • It went a little deeper than just cross dressing.  You have to appreciate that the audience that went nuts for The Bealtes, Stones, Zeppelin, Bowie just doesn't exist anymore, nor does the music industry.  They were a product of the times.  Waiting for a new single to drop, queuing overnight to get a tickets to a show when your fave band came to town, over- analysing lyrics and artwork.

    All of these things have been taken away by modern life and technology, it's not that the talent isn't there but that talent isn't being nurtured or released to the public on the same scale. 

    They were fabulous times but they ain't never coming back.

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