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With the recent decapitation of a Frenchman and teacher in France and Turkey's Erdogan stirring the Islamic pot against Macron, how is..  ?

It possible that Islamic countries have not heard of the saying "While in Rome, do as the Roman's do"? Because the Muslims in France are not living in Turkey, Iran, or Pakistan, they are living in a France with it's own values and rules. If people don't like them they are free to move elsewhere. 

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    Personally I would say:

    No matter if they know the saying about Rome or not ( probably they don't know it). They are supposed follow the rules / laws of the country that welcome them. And yes, if they don't like them, then they have to leave ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    I'm a native French person and however, I didn't know the saying you mentioned about Rome ( it's probably just me). I always heard this one here: 

    → '' Autre pays, autres mœurs'', it means like:  '' Other country, different customs ''

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    Catherine, à Rome, fais comme les Romains. C'est une expression connue pourtant.

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    3 months ago

    I wish they would move and leave civilised countries alone. 

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