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Is this a sign of my insecurity? Please help.?

I drive a truck at work and the trailer I was pulling wasn't acting right. So I asked the mechanic to come over and look at it. It was an embarrassingly easy diagnosis. A wire had come disconnected on the trailer. So the mechanic is standing there taping the wire together, and another co-worker (one whom I have to work closely with all day) walks up. I notice the other co-worker makes eye contact with the mechanic, and the smirk spreads across the co-worker's face. I got the distinct impression that the mechanic probably rolled his eyes his eyes at my expense. I am sure that's what caused the smirk to spread across my co-workers face. It just pissed me off so bad. I thought this co-worker was cool, but he didn't think twice about sharing this little "this guy is stupid" moment with the mechanic. It upset me so much. I can't even tell you how upset I am. I feel they both think I'm stupid. It pisses me off. It pisses me off that the mechanic (most likely) rolled his eyes about me, and the co-worker thought it was amusing. I'm disgusted with this co-worker. 


The co worker didn't smile. They made eye contact, followed by a smirk. It was an odd facial expression. Something was up. Can you at least trust me on that?

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    Yep, your co worker did you a favour, because he's shown he's definitely not cool. I've seen people do that - and it's mean. Look on the positive, you now know something extra about how the trailer works! I can tell you for a fact, that smart as$ mechanic wasn't born knowing it - but someone showed him as well!!

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    I would have thought the Co - Worker messed with the wire. Like what's up with these two? I would have felt like oh the joke on me. Upset: NO don't be upset ACCEPT your Co - Worker for who he is. He showed you / you two wasn't as cool as you thought. At least your trailer pulling right 😁😁. ( Try to let it go and feed him with a long handle spoon )

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    There are always people who take advantage of someone learning or asking about something because they don't know it.  Well no one the fk knows everything - but some people jump in and ridicule them - you didn't know THAT?  In one form or another.  I sometimes say to them - gee you seem really excited and pleased to know something someone else doesn't - is this a fairly rare event for you then?

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    I really think you're taking this the wrong way. The smirk didn't say, "This guy is stupid." It just said, "This guy made a dumb mistake." Big deal - we all make dumb mistakes once in a while. Do you see the humor of people making dumb mistakes? Be honest. I'll bet you do.

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    In the same situation, I would have thought the co worker just smiled at the mechanic because they were friends, your analysis of the situation does reflect more on you than your description of what happened, particularly because you are assuming an action on the part of the mechanic that you didn't see.

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    it might be a sign of that

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