I am 15 1/2 and started stretching my ears. My mom says I can't so were do I stop?

 My mom says I'll lose any job opportunities if I continue to stretch my ears but I'm working towards an apprenticeship and eventually opening a tattoo parlour. Any other jobs I want are self started or allow body modifications like what I want. I'm already doing career planning which is going great but I can't find any laws about stretching ears, only piercing or tattooing. I was thinking of staying at where I'm at now which is 3.2mm and picking up again at age 18 because that is the age I am considered a legal adult where I live. My mom said I can at age 21 but I will surely be out of their house by then. I have thought this through for a few years on top of weeks of research on safety. I am young, not incapable of decision making but where should I stop and listen to her?

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  • 4 weeks ago

    Dye your hair, dress funny, talk funny, do whatever...but when you start modifying your body like that, you better think real long and hard about it. You wont be a teenager forever, and sooner or later you're going to get tired of working at a bs job making peanuts. Life will suck when people look at you and think "What a loser." whether its true or not... Good luck.

  • 1 month ago

    I would listen to her. It is a fad that looks horrible and most people don't think it's cool at all. If it is permanent then I would stop until at least 21 because if you change your mind and think it's dumb when you're older you will be glad you didn't wreck your body. And what are the benefits? You think it looks cool now, as someone who is bound to change their mind about something like that.The negatives way outnumber the positives.

    If you want to look silly/strange try something non-permanent like doing your hair weird like loads of ringlets or start wearing tiger facepaint. Following the crowd is lame, you might as well do something unique

  • Laura
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    1 month ago

    Yes, you should stop and listen to her.  

    Just because there isn't a law against stretching your ears doesn't mean that it won't effect your job in the future.  

    I am heavily modded, but in jeans and a cardigan I look the same as any of my other coworkers.  I have stretched ears, but its only 4g and I wear plugs that look like large diamond studs.  I've been told by my supervisors that if my tattoos show I can get written up.  I have to follow dress code, and that means that my body mods have to follow that too. 

    Let me repeat that last sentence, because most young people don't get it.  You have to follow the dress code of the place you work, and your work can say what kind of body mods are ok for you to display on the clock.  That means they can tell you to take out piercings or cover tattoos if you want to work there.  

    Listen to your mother. Focus on building the type of job you want, but you most likely get a stereotypical teenagers job too before you start your own company, that you will have to follow their rules.  Are you going to argue with a supervisor about dress code?  Are you going to tell your boss that because there isn't a law against stretched ears you can break dress code and wear plugs at work?  They would laugh, write you up as many times as necessary to fie you, then fire you.  In most cases they don't even need to write you up multiple times if its in the first 90 days, they can just tell you to hand in your name tag and tell you to go home forever.  

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    If you want to live the life of a loser then keep doing what you are doing.. Just don't complain and blame others when you find yourself in the gutter.. 

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  • 1 month ago

    i would ask your mom about it

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