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donnie asked in Yahoo ProductsMy Yahoo · 1 month ago

Should we bring back the voting system instead of having people choose favorite (formerly best) answer ?

Here is my take. Used to if someone answered at least someone got picked and if you where the only one it was a easy win. Now I understand a lot of people chested but here is the thing a lot of people don’t choose a answer they make a account one time to ask something and never use the site which is understandable. That or regulars just don’t see a point in points no pun intended anymore because there is no real insensitive or they already reached level seven so they just don’t take the six points. So many times questions go without ever having a favorite answer picked and it’s nice to see someone get ten points because some people really take time to answer a question and give good answers and just never get picked 



Update 2:

Will choose favorite answer 

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  • 1 month ago
    Favorite Answer

    No. It was abused to death. There is still no requirement that you have to choose a best/answer answer, especially when it is obvious you are being bribed, patronized  and exploited. 

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