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Can a non-Muslim wear a hijab for spiritual purposes?


I recently went on a spiritual journey to find what spirituality worked for me. Islam and Daoism were big contenders for me. I eventually found that the monotheistic version of Daoism was most likely what worked best for me (but I don’t know for sure yet). I, however, found such a deep connection with Islam that I adopted certain Sharia practices to help grow my spirituality (such as wudu and observing Ramadan to help ground myself). Would it be disrespectful for me to wear a hijab during Ramadan to help myself connect to Allah/Dao? What if I eventually do settle on Daoism? I truly value and deeply respect Islam and Islamic and Arab culture and wouldn’t want to disrespect anybody.شُكْراً جِدّاً


No Islamophobia will be tolerated. Please don’t answer unless you’re Muslim, Arab, citing a fatwa, or a scholar.

This is a repost under the Ramadan category because my submission under “religion” was met with really disrespectful people caling the hijab “a symbol of oppression” and calling me stupid for seriously considering Islam and that Christianity’s the only way and that I can be saved and all that. Hopefully I avoid all of that islamophobia here.

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    Wow mashaAllah, may Allah rabul izza expand your heart further to come to a clear understanding.

    Really it would not be disrespectful at all, do not feel shy either to give hijab a try. Hijab is a beautiful thing in itself, I did wonder one wisdom behind such is that a sincere person who observes hijab will find the sense of modesty and feeling in divine presence of God.

    As God says in the Quran, if we are truthful and sincere in search for truth then God will guide that person whatever it may be. All that is needed is a sense of being honest, sincere and truthful in search for spiritual meaning of life.

    When a car breaks down, innately we think that we should hand it over to the owner or the creator of the car since it is logical and sane thing to do.

    Similarly when we break down emotionally, physically, spiritually or mentally then would it not be wise to turn to the creator to seek the best solution and to recharge ourselves? But where or what are the solutions? For us muslims, everything has been clearly mentioned in the Quran and it is the word of God. Since God created us, it would be wise to turn to Him.

    Ramadhan is a beautiful occasion, where the heart further expands within the spiritual realm. One finds the divine love, and those broken ones find spiritual healing. 

    So what stops you from wearing or trying hijab?


    My prayers are with you for guidance inshaAllah.

    I do have alot more to say but I do not want to bore you out. I do want to touch the spiritual sciences of Imam Ghazali (rh) and others. However if you would like to have a further discussion my email is always open.

    My email is:

    kind regards and with peace,

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