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Brushing teeth?

Okay so I brush my teeth 2x a day morning and night and occasionally one time somewhere in between (when I eat or drink acid stuff), I been using Colgate Total for 2 years now, and Listerine total care for also 2 years now! I begin getting pits in my teeth with a white line along gums and began getting pits in my teeth. I went to the dentist they said they are all cavities 15 in total, I always brush the gum line well I brush my teeth for 2 minutes each time, and floss daily. Question why did this or how did this happen, my dentist is calling me a liar saying well you haven't been brushing, and I always do like I said above! So what could be the cause of my teeth having this issue? I am upset, as I hate needles and now need 15 fillings, 2 days before Christmas

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    Nobody cares, go tell your friends this if you have any. You’re boring us all to death with your dumb story

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