Would this anger him?

So I dated this guy for 4 months until he ghosted me for three days he broke it off due to bad timing, after taking my v card and not being there for me when I was going through a really dark time. The way he acted throughout belittling me etc he’s an obvious narcissist.

After the break up which has been about two weeks now he wouldn’t constantly stalk my Snapchat stories with like ten minute intervals up to an hour. So I basically said he’s a stalker not directing my story at him but it’s implied. He obviously saw it and removed me.

Which comes to yesterday, I got drunk and asked why he removed me off Snapchat. He said cause he doesn’t want me to think he’s a stalker and that I can get a hold of him so it doesn’t matter. I said some pretty stupid **** drunk, he ignored it. Which gave me courage to remove him off Facebook, block him on Snapchat, block him on Facebook and remove his number from my contacts.

Now at the full no contact stage. I was wondering how this would effect him he claims he doesn’t care at all about me anymore, I guess cause he got the only thing he wanted from me my virginity.

But I read somewhere that narcissist hate not being able to stalk their victims and **** so idk.

Just wanna know out of curious if this would be annoying him or whatever 


My counsellor called him a narcissist I didn’t just label him that on my own. He wasn’t out of my league either we were both about the same 🤷‍♀️

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  • Ana
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    1 month ago

    Just like there are bad doctors or bad contractors, or bad politicians, there are also bad therapists. 


    Look, don’t fall into the dangerous and foolish habit of labeling any guy that you broke up with, as a “narcissist”, a “sociopath”, a “bigot”, “crazy”, etc

    The fact is, people tend to do things that benefits themselves. This is true of you, too! It’s true of most all guys.

    Would you date a broke, ugly, short, fat guy? Probably not, right? WELL WHY NOT? It’s because his appearance matters, his success also matters, and ultimately HOW HE IMPACTS YOU, MATTERS. 

    This guy probably broke up with you because he felt like you guys did not have a good connection, or because he only wanted sex, or because he thought that you are not girlfriend material. 

    None of these things make him a “narcissist”. Now, I can agree that getting played sucks. But that’s why you need to be smart and go for a guy that is committed to you, who’s in your own league (isn’t noticeably hotter than you), etc. 

    If you make bad choices then you’ll almost always get played! But that doesn’t make it the guys fault. Often times, it means that you went for a guy out of your league, and that guy naturally didn’t wanna date you. 

  • 1 month ago

    i think so.. maybe he still can see your profile pic. or he friended one of your friends so he can still indirectly follow you...I think u shud warn them too, but probally just forget because if they say something he might completly lie about you.

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