Do you know what is the benefits of a cottonseed dryer?

Manual Platform Drying is not required hence manpower & time are saved.

Cottonseed can be dried in moist weather when natural sun drying cannot be done properly.Oil mills& De-linting Industries can operate in early season period & rainy season period as well.Oil recovery & production can be increased as compared to over-moist cottonseed crushing.Better quality and color of cake as compared to over-moist cottonseed crushing.Online crushing or De-linting of cotton seed from the ginning house is possible, so labor for bagging, stacking, re-feeding is saved.Smooth management of oil millsSuitable Moisture level for the De-linting Plant can be maintained.

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    This would be an ad except it seems to be more of a direct cut-and-paste from some Cottonseed Industry 101 textbook.

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