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Why aren’t my kittens eating?

I recently got two sibling kittens and they’re super playful and active, but they won’t eat anything. I’ve tried both soft and hard food mixed, tried it separately, and I put warm water in the hard food to make it soft. I tried the food they were already eating and I tried our cats food. They just sniff it and walk away. It’s been over 35 hours now. They’ve had their shots and worming done. Do they just need to warm up some more? I’m not sure what to do and I hate it because I know they’re hungry. Please no rude comments, I just want advice. Thank you 


They are about 9 weeks old. They are drinking water and using the litter box 

Update 2:

I do warm up their food a little bit 

Update 3:

They got their shots and worming at their previous home. 

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  • {The same problem happened to me, don't take it too seriously) It differs from their age. If your kittens are still little, then maybe thay are not yet used to the food. They are not yet used or might not know how to chew food. Don't worry. Check the age limits of your cat food, don't give it to your kittens if it is exeeding their age. If there is still no change, bring the kittens to a vet,(They might also be sick), or to a cat food shop. They might be able to figure out the problem.

    I went to a cat food store, and explaind them the problem. They gave me a crab-fish flavoured cream. When I gave it to my kitten, it really loved the taste and started eating it.

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    maybe feed them a bottle of milk or a bowl of milk

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    Ok, calm down. Unless I'm reading the question wrong, it seems that you've hit these kittens with A LOT all at once. They just got to their new home, went to the vet, got shots and dewormed, and trust me when I say that all of this at the same time is enough to put them off their food. When I got my kitten shots, he didn't eat for 2 days. He just wasn't feeling it. Also, when I brought him home, he didn't eat for the first 36 hours or so, but we just left out food. The next day, around our dinner time, he went to the bowl and starting munching.

    So are you saying that in 35 hours, you've acquired these kittens and got them shots and everything? Just want to be clear. If this is the case, this is the reason. They will eat when they are hungry. STOP CHANGING UP THE FOOD. Just feed them what they had been eating before and leave it alone. Don't warm it, don't add water, don't add gravy or wet or anything else. Leave it be. I also think that they are picking up on your agitation, so just play with them and relax. They are active and playful, drinking water, so that's all well and good. 

    I wouldn't panic just yet. It's very normal for kittens and cats to not eat after a rehoming or going to the vets. They will eat when they are hungry. If you notice tomorrow, still nothing touched, I would call the vet and make sure everything is ok. But stop changing foods, or you will end up with picky cats who know that you will do anything they want to get them to eat and will keep playing games and holding out.

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    I think it would be best to ask your vet about this.

    One thing most cats will eat very readily is baby food meat that comes in those tiny jars. There's beef and chicken that I know of, maybe more like turkey. . If you warm it up a bit they might like it even better. Have you tried to warm up the wet food they're used to eating?

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