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Why was Britain's Prince John kept hidden from the public eye?

Prince John---youngest son of King George V and Queen Mary---was an epileptic.ย 

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    4 weeks ago
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    Prince John had epilepsy. When the illness got worse, he was sent to live at Sandringham House to be cared for by.his governess, "Lala" Bill, Prince John befriended local children whom Mary had gathered to be his playmates. Prince John died at Sandringham in 1919, following a severe seizure, and was buried at nearby St Mary Magdalene Church. His illness was disclosed to the wider public only after his death.

    There are some people who like to find fault with everything royals do and these ill-informed bunch like to say that John was hidden away, abandoned, discarded. They are wrong.


    Prince John's alleged seclusion has subsequently been brought forward as evidence for the inhumanity of the royal family. However, records show that he was in some ways given favourable treatment by his parents, in comparison with his siblings. Furthermore, Prince John's apparent seclusion would have enabled him to be himself and explore his own niches away from royal life. Contrary to the belief that he was hidden from the public from an early age, Prince John for most of his life had the role of a fully-fledged member of the family, appearing frequently in public until after his eleventh birthday, when his condition became severe.

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    Because at the time it was seen as a disgrace to have a disabled child and these children were frequently locked away, usually for the rich the answer was to put the child in an asylum and pretend they never existed.

    Prince John was one of the lucky ones who lived in comfort and freedom and still regularly saw and communicated with his parents.

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    He had learning disabilities, his brothers and sisters did visit him in the cottage he lived in with his nanny, his parents visited too, there was not a lot known about mental problems in those days, he died at the age of 14 from a violent siezure

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  • Anonymous
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    That was how epilepsy was managed in the Edwardian era, there are still remote schools (often adapted farms) deep in the English Countryside where families sent afflicted children as being the best way of caring for them. When it was realised that he would never really be up to life in the public eye John lived quietly at Sandringham. Up until he was 11 or so and his condition deteriorated he was seen in public. His parents were concerned about him, but the future Edward VIII seemed to be the one who was indifferent to his death at just 13.


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    Because that was what was normal at the time. Epileptics - especially those with other mental illnesses (it is suspected John may also have been autistic) were often institutionalised - John was treated far better than most. There was extreme stigma around epilepsy until at least the 1970s - epilepsy was grounds for an annulment of marriage in the UK until 1971.

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    In the late 19th early 20th centuries it was common practice in the upper classes of the UK to keep children with disabilities away from the public.ย 

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