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If someone lands at 9:20 pm what time will they be out of the airport?

Like if they’re form out of state not country. It’s an international airport but they’re won’t coming form international.



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    It depends on what airport it is. it could be 5 minutes or it could be 20 30 minutes. 

    like if you fly into Denver or Atlanta, it takes a while to get the train back to the main terminal then you got to wait for the luggage.  But if you fly in to Cordova Alaska, off plane, get bag, boom, in the middle of nowhere. 3 minutes flat.

    But with your example, 15 minutes to get off the plane, 10 minutes to commute to the baggage claim, 10 minutes to wait for luggage so about 35 minutes

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    Look at the words you used:  "lands at".  Do you really mean the time the aircraft's wheels touched the ground?

    Airlines publish "arrival times".  That is the moment when the aircraft should open the door to let passengers to egress.   That is usually many minutes before you will get off the aircraft.  The aircraft taxis to an airport gate, and the gate personnel have to position the jetway (for most airports). Once the aircraft door is ready for deplaning, the time it takes for you to be deplaned depends on:

    * which row you are seated in, and

    * how "fast" the rows which egress before you are able to stand, collect their (usually) extensive array of hand carry items and walk off the aircraft

    * The number of aircraft exit doors available for use

    Once you have that time, it is much simpler to figure out the moment you'll go out the door of the airport.  But it isn't easy:

    * Which gate did you arrive at?

    * How many people are in the way?

    * What kind of rat maze does the airport have to get clear of the gate area?

    * Does exiting the TSA-protected area go fast or slow?

    * How many escalators and elevators and people movers are there?

    * How long a walk (or sprint) is it to the airport's exit?

    I personally judge an airport's "overall efficiency" mostly by how fast I can get through it.  For PDX (Portland, Oregon), a good estimate is 5-6 minutes for air arrival and 20-25 minutes for air departure.  For Denver, Chicago, LAX, and Seattle, arrival is 20-30 minutes and departure is over an hour.

    If you mention which airport is involved, I'll help if I have been there.

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    unless you have to wait for luggage by 9:30

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    Last time I flew ( into Edunburgh) it took about 90 minutes. 

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    It depends totally on the airport, the number of people on board your plane, how close your plane is parked to the terminal, the speed of transfer of baggage from the plane to the baggage reclaim area.  

    My own experiences over the years have ranged from ten minutes to an hour or more.

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    It can take ten or fifteen minutes for all the passengers on a plane to get off it. Then they have to walk from the gate to baggage claim, and how long that takes depends on the size of the airport. It's usually ten to twenty minutes after I get to baggage claim before the first bags from my flight appear, and how long I have to wait for mine varies. It's never first.

    It could be anywhere from 9:45 to 10:15 before someone it on the sidewalk in front of the airport. (Unless they didn't check a bag, then it could be faster if the airport is small.)

    If you're picking someone up, see if the airport has a cell phone lot where people park (often for free) and wait for the passenger to phone them that they are ready to be met at the curb.

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    It depends on the size of the airplane, where the passenger is seated, the size of the airport, which gate the plane is using and how long it takes to claim checked baggage.  Someone flying on a small airliner with a seat near the door, landing at a small airport without checked baggage will get out sooner than someone who isn't.  

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    9:25, give or take a minute or two

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