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If you went to/are going to college which of these sports did/do u go watch Baseball, Basketball, Football, Hockey, Soccer, Volleyball other?

bq: What sports did you have (a) friend(s) or classmate on ? 

bq2: Do you ever regret having not tried out for the team(s) ?

bq3: How much compensation would you have needed to work at such events, 

rather than watch from the stands and if a spectator, how much did you pay ?

bq4: If no longer at that school, how active are you as an alumni ?

ps: If there was a men's and a women's team, be sure to specify.

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  • John
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    I graduated in '74, and was on the cross country team.  My school did not have a football team, but was a small college national powerhouse in basketball and soccer.  I attended as many sporting events as possible, but the same was true of other college events (plays, recitals, exhibits at the campus art gallery, or whatever).  I took advantage of every college event I could make it to. 

    Any admissions fees were covered by my student activity fee.  Many people complain they don't want to pay that charge, but I got my money's worth for mine.  

    As far as regrets, I have the opposite. I am now semi-retired and living far from my own college. In pre-pandemic days, I traveled to Princeton University a few times a year to photograph sports and cultural events.  I often come away with a sense of "I'm glad I did that kind of thing when I had a chance."  Its a satisfying feeling.

    Living far from where I went to college, I do not really keep up any longer.  I haven't even had a chance to drop by the campus in the past 18 years. 

    In regards to women's sports, my college was a trend setter.  Emphasizing women's athletics a decade before it became mandatory, my school had a fearsome women's program for the day.  Basketball games were particularly one-sided massacres.  The other colleges in the conference really didn't catch up for about 20 years.  

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