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Black Sabbath or AC/DC?

Two of the most storied bands in rock music. Who are you more into and why?

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    Black Sabbath.  I wouldn't put ACDC in the same league, they are hugely entertaining and I do like a lot of their early stuff but they were hugely derivative and of very little substance and should have quit years ago.

    Sabbath are incredible and that first album still scares the crap out of me and even after Ozzie they didn't just churn out 'product' but were still trying to beat the newcomers and pretenders to the throne.  I'm not a big fan of Metal but I love Sabbath because they transcend genres and were just so much more than a Metal Band.  Love Them!

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    I've managed to get by quite well without either in my music library.  I can't stand lousy vocals.  Too used to The Beatles, The Hollies, etc.?   

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    I liked Bon Scott's voice better than Ozzie's, but Geezer's bass playing was cooler than that in the AC/DC recordings.

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    For me it's Black Sabbath by a long-shot. I only really tolerated AC/DC with Bon Scott, and even that was give 'n take.

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