Assamaliakum friends, a question for people who know much about sihr(black magic).?

Assamaliakum friends I wanted to ask is it possible through sihr black magic that a husband starts hating his wife and starts to hide things from her ?? Is it possible that he hides everything from her and treats her nothing like a wife through black magic. I did a istakhara for the fights I had with my husband and I saw a dream that my sister in law did sihr on me which made him hate me. Thanks for taking time.

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  • Kin
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    3 weeks ago

    I don't know, it is possible. Black magic or sihr, exists and it can break or turn against a husband and a wife. The best way to fight it is to read a lot of Quran and be truly dedicated and to invoke Allah, to ask Allah to help you with your problems and to give protection. Black magic doesn't have power over anyone which is why people shouldn't fear black magic or anything else yet some people can fall victim to it and can be cured.

    Although, I don't know if you're sister-in-law is doing wicked things to you. You never know. Only God can show you that if that is true or not, you should ask Allah sincerely and to show you the truth about what is going on around the house, what is going on with your husband if black magic is the cause of it or not and if someone trying to harm you thinking they can harm you with black magic even though we all know black magic isn't powerful enough. God is powerful and He can erase the black magic, anyone who is affected by it somehow.

    People who read Quran, who have a lot of Quran in their hearts and a lot of faith, I believe will never fear black magic and will always have confidence from God and will have protection from God. I think you know what you should recite to protect yourself, your home, and your husband. If you don't know, please make update if you want to know. I'll try to update and provide what you should also recite that is for protection.

  • 3 weeks ago

    In Sura Baqra , chapter 2 of Quran , It has been narrated that God sent 2 Angels Haroot and Maroot in the days of Bani Israel who mainly teach the people how to create conflict between Husband and wife . In a long hadees , Said the prophet that devil is most happy if some of his Disciple tell him that , due to magic ,  he he has created conflict , quarrel or separation between husband and wife . So it is possible which u asked for through black message or seher . The magician post his subordinate devil to create differences between the spouse ( Quran 2- 102 )

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    No. There’s such thing as sihr or black magic, they’re not real. Probably there’s something he doesn’t like about you like your behavior for example. But anyway I don’t know fully about your situation so I can’t really tell.

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