Wich presidential candidate is taking covid more seriously?


He said he'd shut down the virus, not the economy 

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  • Axiom
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    4 weeks ago

    Biden obviously,and not that moron who claimed it was a hoax.

  • 4 weeks ago

    Trump.  Because he has had Covid and conquered it, and as president he's actually done stuff to fight it and all Biden has done is hide and occasionally talk.  

  • 4 weeks ago

    Biden, clearly.

  • 4 weeks ago

    Trump.  He had it and he took the meds that others were afraid to take.  He is well now and is providing the meds for all the other people who want them!

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  • Traci
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    4 weeks ago

    I think Trump is taking it very seriously and all the while trying not to create panic.. that does no good.  Biden on the other hand is running around promising us a black winter and the sky is falling.  So dumb!

  • 4 weeks ago

    First no job should be judged purely on on aspect. A baseball team should not focus solely on pitching while ignoring other positions or batting. Second, what is your criteria for measuring how seriously COVID-19 is being taken? Those who just say Trump isn't and never explaining how that is so, or facts and understanding the strategy behind those facts.

    For instance, As for COVID-19, Trump implemented restrictions on travel from China in January. Liberals literally called him "racist" for doing so. They were the ones who still hadn't got a grasp of the danger presented by the Chinese coronavirus yet, not Trump. More travel restrictions from other regions as well as other actions were implemented soon after. Trump has been ahead of the game from the beginning. There has been a bigger effort toward making a vaccine than anytime in American history, with government support. One or more may actually be ready this year, faster than expected with manufacturing ready to go into high gear to put it out there when it's or they're ready.

    Trump enabled emergency PPE production on a scale not seen since WWII. Much of this due to the fact much of the required PPE was originally coming from China which they snagged from themselves. This has been a key problem Trump has had with China since before he was in office. There has not been enough stuff mad in the USA (Biden was always happy to outsource to China). BTW, existing stockpiles of the stuff in the US also had self-lives which was often expired.

    Trump has willing to shift national resources to the country's hotspots, like a hospital ship to New York City, which the the mayor then didn't use. As PPE became available, it would go to hotspots too. Taking COVID-19 seriously, like any other solution, does not mean creating a one-size-fits-all for the whole country. This is apparently what Biden would have wanted to do. Trump practiced Federalism, allowing governors to implement measures they saw fit based on need. Some states needed more drastic measures, some much less if any.

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    The man who's been on the job holding daily briefings for 2-1/2 months who foresaw that travel restrictions in & out of the US borders will help a lot more than to keep the borders open out of fear from being accused of xenophobia by those dedicated to be an impish torn to his presidency. The man who fast track approvals of treatments, new vaccines, new medicinal drugs & old medicinal drugs proven to be safe & FDA approved for 50+ years on other illnesses; authorized federal building of emergency hospitals in NYC & deployment of Navy hospital ships; used the Defense Procurement Act to supply US Hospitals (with plenty of spares for Allies/Adversaries alike) & replenish, in less than 2 months, the Ventilators & PPE reserves stockpiled by the Bush ADMIN for emergency that the Obama ADMIN depleted & never replenished.

    Biden & the (DNC) are clueless & without genuine ideas. Biden is just just plagiarizing anything that the Incumbent does & claim that he'll do it better. Biden couldn't do better for 47 years in his political career, what change that he could do it better now? Biden is plagiarizing the Incumbent's Made in America/America 1st with build back better when he Obama were responsible for sending jobs overseas claiming it would take a magic wand/miracle for those jobs to return. Biden's Build Back Better will be another Shovel Ready Jobs 2.0 false promise. Pandering to Rioters to loot, burn, destroy, even murder in an ISIS/Arab Spring like protest that is not peaceful, but intimidation which is terrorism by nature. Terrorism isn't always mass shootings & bombs; the Hutus used machetes, Wahabi Islamist Uighur Jihadists used Knives, Cars & Trucks, & criminal gangs/mobs (MS 13/Sinaloa cartel) use machetes, chainsaw, & guns, BLM/ANTIFA rioters uses firebomb coctails, bon fire, crowbars, bricks/rocks, fireworks, & guns. BLM/ANTIFA's destructive nature are looking much worst than Mussolini's Black Shirts, & Maduro's Collectivos in the amount of destruction & theft they are causing. Such behavior are dealth with swiftly & harshly with live rounds in non-western countries that the US use to do under LBJ.

    Obama/Biden's Administration with Doctor Fauci & CDC Scientists at the helm proved that the bureaucracy they had in place then could not handle SARS-COV-2 spreading at this COVID-19 pandemic's magnitude. Thus current POTUS conceived a Task Force requiring Defense Dept. & Private Sector involvement was crucial. WHO should've taken the role of an International Pandemic Response Agency mobilized as soon as there's a large outbreak of an unknown disease infecting humans in a city to quarantine & study. WHO was late to gather Data & sound the Alarm for every country in the world to brace it self from a pandemic the world connected by travel & transport where every day life requires social interactions in close proximity was not prepared for. The Whole World Failed at Keeping COVID-19 out of their countries. CDC, NIH, HHS, & WHO all Failed, as governor Cuomo argued redirecting blame away from his bungled nursing homes orders. Cuomo could've prevented the COVID-EU from spreading south & west. POTUS prevented 2.2 million deaths by June or July 2020 CDC projection. It's November, death toll so far is around 223,070. The US is only 9th in mortality by capita.

    Prior to 03/15/20 when all partisan (D) news media anchors along with Doctor Fauci & other (lib) experts stated that Influenza should be looked at more than Wuhan Flu with Dr. Fauci assuring the public not to be alarmed on NEWSMAX aired in 01/21/20 & again emphasized the danger was miniscule in 02/17/20. In April, Dr. Fauci reverses his don't wear mask advice, only healthcare workers, questioned by many as it spreads from simply talking. Initially it was to be use by infected people with symptoms to prevent them from sneezing & coughing up a cloud of respiratory droplets. Mask may help slow down the spread, but it won't keep anyone from getting infected as nurses & doctors have been infected even died despite full PPE gear worn. Fauci mused 1 year quarantine late March, then mid May say the country needs to open as shutdown has grave irreputable consequences. De Blasio & (D) Health experts from Feb. to Mar. 15 were making tweets & speeches in small rallies against travel bans, social distancing & shutdowns. 02/02/20 NYC Health Commissioner Oxirus Barbot said, "There's NO REASON NOT" to take the subway, bus, go to restaurant, miss the annual Lunar parade or avoid any neighborhood because of coronavirus. 0302/20 De Blasio encouraged New Yorkers to go on with their lives & get out on town despite Coronavirus. 02/03/20 New York Times: "There is no reason why it is not safe to travel to China, The travel ban is unjust".

    The POTUS was very honest with how he felt about how dangerous COVID-19 could be in the interview, but there was very little data about COVID-19 that they had proceeded without causing mass hysteria as all competent Heads of State, Monarch, & Generals would while working diligently hard to acquire data, vaccines, & therapeutics, provide disease control guidelines to all states. (D) obsession with impeachment preoccupied most governmental resources & wasted everyone's time.

    The Trump Administration had operatives working behind the scene to try & get information drawing up plans in early January, if things got worst in Wuhan & spread out of Wuhan after CDC scientists were sent in Dec. 2019, but China refused help while (D)s defy & resist the Administration's mitigation guidelines. Travel restriction from & to China was declared before there was a confirmed case in the US. Andrew Cuomo didn't quarantine every international flight & sea vessels coming into New York when travel restrictions were announced in late January turning NY into an epicenter. Cuomo struggled deciding to shutting down schools & Subways unsanitary, until a month+ later. Cuomo tried to pull a fast one on the incumbent with the 40,000 Ventilators he was planning on hoarding stored in a NY warehouse to control the supply lines. Cuomo pushed back on Statewide Federal Quarantine & ordered Nursing homes to accept COVID-19+ patients where 1/2 of the mortality statistic comes from.

    No One could've known about an "unknown" disease to infect humans that transmit from human to human simply by talking from people who weren't even showing signs of illness at the beginning stages & into a pandemic. A respiratory disease like COVID-19 can't really be contained absent of data on how fast & easily it spreads by 85% of infected people who never got ill or hospitalized (14.5%-14.95% are recovering) experiencing symptoms of a common cold for which the lightly infected & doctors overlooked it as just a cold, until an alarming number of hospitalized infected patients overwhelming the hospitals & 1/20 were dying weekly which prompted a Chinese doctor to look through a microscope ruling out the Africanized swine flu happening at the same time across China that started 3 months earlier. China took extraordinary measure when it was apparent how contagious the virus was, but it was too late as initially they focused on quarantining feverish people having acute symptoms which allowed the virus to spread out of Wuhan to the world through foreign tourist, diplomats & business travelers showing no signs of infection.

    From the beginning the experts were merely guessing & expressing their opinions, not everyone agrees. Those not agreeing with the popular consensus or in this case popular national media influenced consensus are being censored. Some cause of deaths that simply tested positive with COVID-19, but COVID-19 wasn't the cause of death are being counted as COVID-19 deaths inflating the Numbers that Doc Dan Erickson and many others were questioning, but were silenced through big tech's censorship. It take months to decades of research & data defending on the Type of disease before experts really have full knowledge of any new diseases. Bloodborne African diseases HIV & Ebola took 3-4 decades of research for experts to fully grasp mostly everything to know about these diseases & further research are on going as Ebola still has 95%-99% fatality rate. SARS & MERS never got those chance as they disappeared after 6 months of infectious outbreak occurred so any effort to create a vaccine simply stopped. There are related 4 well know harmless corona virus responsible for the common cold that infects children every mid fall through mid spring, but they aren't at the level of SARS/MERS to be used as vaccines.

    World Health Org came out with a statement that reintroducing 70%-80% economic shutdowns aren't going to help as it exacerbate other factors that contributes to death with other ailments, depression, suicide, hunger, poverty... But because it's not what the corrupt media & DNC want to hear, WHO's statement is being ignored. Sweden & Taiwan after closing their borders didn't take the socialist approach of economic shutdowns as they knew COVID-19 isn't apocalyptic & the spreads will happen no matter how (D)s & partisan news media makes it apocalyptic while the young & healthy rarely affected keeps the economy stable. After 7 1/2 months more is known about COVID-19 & the 2.2 million US death toll by June-July had been adverted.

    Source(s): Once in a hundred years there's a pandemic that mankind can't fully prevent or control at anytime. Micro plastic, Trans Fat, Hard Narcotics, Tobacco, THC Vaping, Weed, Sugars, & MSG (Ajinomoto) are somehow weakening our immunity from Single Cell Bacterial Viruses that's been mutating for billions of years of evolution. Viral outbreak seems to pop up where large flocks, herds, & communities are densely packed. Every living thing (Animal, Plant, Fungi) on the planet has some sort of disease for billions of years. As mankind converts 85% of the planet's forest cover for human use: cultivation, roads, & development: entertainment, settlement, warehouse, airports... diseases have nowhere to go but where humans are to survive.
  • 1 month ago

    What was Biden doing while Trump was holding 1-2 hour briefings 7 days/week for 2+ months?  When Trump imposed a ban on travel from China Biden called him "hysterical and xenophobic."  What has Biden done to fast track approval of treatments and vaccines or utilizing the Defense Procurement Act to get more ventilators and PPE produced?  What was Biden doing while Trump authorized federal building of emergency hospitals in NYC and deployment of Navy hospital ships?  Seriously.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Biden does.

    Biden will impoverish millions of families and destroy the US economy by shutting down the economy again to fight the virus.  He's already said he would do it if necessary.

    So yes, Biden will save more lives.

    I hope that gives you comfort when your family loses everything they have and is leaving in a tent city by the creek.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Joe Biden takes the deadly coronavirus a seriously.  Trump looks at the deady coronavirus as way to make a profit for himself, his family and his donors. 

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