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what can i snack on when i'm hungry?

i'm male in my early 40s, i take an antipsychotic 'ablify' for paranoia which causes great hunger, that's one of the side gives you a big appetite......but the problem is i acquired type 2 diabetes years ago through eating the wrong foods - i really let myself go, but since the diagnosis of diabetes, i worked hard on myself, changed my diet and went to the gym regularly to swim and lost a couple of stone...i did really well managing it.

i'm still going to the gym when i can to swim, except on days when im suffering bad paranoia and anxiety i can't manage it.......but due to being on ablify antipsychotic i get a big appetite and crave to eat in between meals....and want to know what can eat safely?

surely i'm not just limited to vegetables? i'm not a rabbit and don't want to eat vegetables and that's it....what are other things i can eat?

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    Watermelon is good.  It is hydrating and has few calories and is good for you and filling so you can eat as much as you want.

  • Janet
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    You are not limited just to vegetables.

    Even sugars are okay IF you eat fiber with them.  In limited amounts.

    For instance, apple skin is fiber, the membranes surround each orange segment is fiber. Raspberries are VERY high fiber because of the skin around each little "bubble".

    But avoid fruit juices, as they have a LOT of sugar and none of the fiber.  For example, drinking one glass of orange juice has as much sugar as SIX oranges, and a diabetic  should not eat more than one orange a day. And the fiber has been removed (pulp is NOT the fiber).

    Foods that keep us from hunger for the longest period of time are the proteins.  Nuts, seeds, eggs, meats, legumes.  Legumes also have a lot of fiber in them, so they are an excellent food for diabetics.

    Sugars and refined carbobyhdrates and starches (white rice, white bread/rolls, white noodles/pasta, potatoes, corn) digest quickly, driving up our blood sugar quickly.  Our pancreas then releases insulin to take up the too-high blood sugar, but then we are left with LOW blood sugar, and THIS MAKES US HUNGRY. Over time this see-saw depletes our pancreas and its ability to maintain blood sugar levels.

    So even without your meds, someone who eats a lot of sugars and refined carbs will have very strong hunger cravings.

    As for vegetables, they have lots of fiber. In fact any nutritionist counselling a diabetic will advise them to have HALF their plate being vegetables (not corn or potatoes, which are mostly starch and should only be eated in small quantities).

    You will find that your attitude about vegetables is a large factor in how you feel about them, and gradually you can start to LIKE them.  See them as caring for yourself, protecting your body.

    The problem with diabetes is that high blood sugar levels cause the sugar to bind with your red blood cells, making your blood thicker .. so it doesn't circulate well.  Basically, you are partially starving all your cells and organs of the oxygen and nutrients they  need. Diabetics often lose feeling in their feet because poor eating causes their blood to thicken and their feet are the furthest from their heart so the circulation suffers.  They then easily injure their feet, and because there is an inadequate blood supply, the feet get gangrene and have to be amputated.

    So eat well ... VALUE yourself. Vegetables are pampering and protecting your health.

    My daughter is schizophrenic.  She has learned to recognize the pre-onset of an anxiety attack and most of the time can ward it off by closing her eyes, breathing easily, and visualizing a glow that relaxes and warms and starts at her heart and spreads through her body.  She has greatly reduced her susceptability to panic attacks, but of course visualization only helps ... it doesn't replace her meds.  Her technique may or may not work for you, but I tell you this to indicate that there ARE cognitive techniques that can reduce our symptoms.  Probably different for every person, so explore and try things out.  You may find relaxation-visualization vids useful, or mindfulness meditation.  Just keep on searching for those things that help you.

    At this point, she is able to hold steady employment in a job that she enjoys, and has accepted that she is and will always be disabled, but has learned to be happy anyway.

    I would wish the same for you.

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    Fresh fruit, which is low in calories but a good source of fibre and micronutrients, unlike candies, sweet biscuits, cakes etc, which are loaded with refined sugar and/or fat, and therefore calories. A 150g apple or pear will have around 60-70cal, a similar weight of candy at least 600, chocolate higher still.

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    Two schools of thought on this. First is to eat the higher bulk lower calorie foods, like the vegetables and some fruits. These fill you up without a lot of calorie count, but it may not last. The other is to eat high protein items, which will make you feel fuller longer. This could include nuts, eggs, oatmeal, fish, lean meats, cottage cheese, beans and legumes. Here is what isn’t on either of those lists-high carb and high sugar items. 

    The other thing too is recognize that because it is your medication causing this issue, you aren’t actually hungry or calorie deficient. You could try engaging in other activities when you feel the food cravings coming on, from exercises like stretching you can do at home to meditation to mental stimulation like working puzzles or trivia. Also make sure your fluid intake is where it should be. When you feel the hunger start to hit, drink a big glass of water. Then wait twenty minutes minimum before you eat anything. If after your water and wait time (and distraction activity) you still really feel the need to eat something, have a small healthy snack, like a handful of raw almonds, a piece of string cheese, a hard cooked egg, or a bowl of air popped popcorn (with just a hint of butter and salt if you absolutely must). 

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  • Anonymous
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    Hard boiled eggs.  Not glamorous, it's true, but they make a great, nutritionally dense snack that is surprisingly low in calories.  Being high in protein they keep you feeling fuller longer than porridge or apples.  You can boil up half a dozen at once, cool them under the cold tap and store them in the frisge for a few days in order to grab one when you feel the overwhelming need for eat something NOW.  

    If you have an urge to cram your mouth with food that you just can't lose try plain popcorn.  It's the stuff you add to popcorn that has the calories rather than the popcorn itself which is low calorie and full of zince which is good for your immune system.

    It can help to make vegetables less boring, for example, you could steam any firm vegetable such as cauliflower or carrots or beets and whilst still warm cut them up and dump into a vinagrette with some diced onions and cool rapidly.  You can then add a little as a sort of relish to some cottage cheese and eat with a a ryvitta.  It makes the whle thing less boring.

    If you buy low fat yoghurt try adding museli to the yoghurt rather than yoghurt to the museli sonce there are more calories in the latter than the former.

  • 4 weeks ago

    Well, at least you had a good excuse. I got fat by not being active enough and eating too much because it was good. A few years back I decided to find an eating plan that would slim me down, but would not be very regimented. I found the Dukan Diet that looked doable. It's basically low fat, very few simple carbs and all the complex carbs you care to eat. I went from 240 to the upper 180s over three or four years. The point being that you can live with it, and it works. Check it out.

  • hamel5
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    Peanut butter sandwiches,  almonds, a shake with milk or soy milk, banana or other fruit , maybe some sort of protein powder ,  boiled eggs,  apples ( if your diet allows) .....    

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