Killing ObamaCare benefits the rich – now we know why Trump is so eager to kill ObamaCare?

Now we know why Trump is so eager to kill Obamacare

without even having a replacement for it:


According to the attached article the richest Americans would get a nice tax cut, 3.8%, if Obamacare is repealed.

This is because the rich pay 3.8% more than the rest of us as a subsidy toward Obamacare and this is what covers the added cost for the 20 million extra people with pre-existing conditions who must be covered under Obamacare.

Thanks for being so eager Mr. Trump to fvck over the average American.



If you are claiming that the YAHOO article is false then prove it. 

It was reconciliation that paid for ACA, not you and me.

My insurance did not increase with ACA so I don't know why yours would have.

The only 'increase' was the individual mandate that forced everybody to pay into the system by paying it forward like we do with Social Security.

Update 2:

 @ HUNCH (all comments):


I’m sure the youth mayhave been upset about subsidizing older people’s healthcare but I see it as a parallel to Social Security by which you are simply ‘paying it forward’.

You are being disingenuous with your $350/month claim because everybody had the option to opt out for roughly $500/year.

Update 3:


If trump had a replacement plan in place then why did e not clarify this during the third presidential debate?

Trump said “he will” come up with a plan, remember?


You sound like a slick politician claiming that employers & IRS pay $2.2B. Even if so, you were careful NOT to say that they pay $2.2B more than they did before. My gues is that administrative costs may have increased 1% at most.

Update 4:


Yes I got it via employer. Yes there were slight modifications (reductions in service) but this was something we saw every year in either direction based upon negotiations between employer and insurer.


I don’t see why anybody complains about ‘losing thir doctor’. Every other doctor in the network is qualified.

Update 5:


Your figures from Forbes and your own insurance may be accurate although a sustained 24% increase just doesn’t sound realistic; I suppose you are being slick with these numbers as well.


I noticed that you did not deny the YAHOO claim that the rich shall benefit from the repeal of ACA.

Update 6:


I see that HUNCH deleted his answer because he was called-out on his false statements.

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  • Dave
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    4 weeks ago
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    I've been in oncology for 35 years, as a professional, Trump did NOTHING for healthcare, it's not more affordable. He has not driven down prescription costs like his supporters claim. In the 60 minute interview he had a chance to lay out some points to his healthcare plan, and he didn't............"you'll have to wait". This is a guy who tried to take down the ACA as his first legislative act, and he couldn't even articulate to the American people that there was something uniquely better than the Obama ACA and he couldn't do it, so he and his followers throw John McCain under the bus.................think about, we have a much better plan that out performs the Obama ACA.............and it hinges on a couple of votes in the Senate??? The fact of it is, it was NOT an improvement, and costs of healthcare continue to go up.

  • 4 weeks ago

    I sure am your geniusness came on here to rant.  {Do not believe everything you read.}

  • Judy
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    4 weeks ago

    you really think that, do you?

  • 4 weeks ago

    While that article is likely also true, traitor trump mainly wants to repeal Obamacare just because Obama is a better man and President than bankruptcy king traitor trump . 

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  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    Swing and a miss skippy, universal health care ONLY helps the idiot, junky. lazy *** trolls like you who do NOT want to make something of themselves because the BELIEVE the are ENFUCKINGTITLED!

  • 4 weeks ago

    Citing Yahoo, how pathetic of you. Eliminating Obamacare would benefit tens of millions of Americans whose insurance more than doubled after Obamacare was launched. You DO know that far more people are forced to pay for other people's healthcare than those on Obamacare so this is not a vote winner for Democrats but keep whining as if average Americans like paying for other people's healthcare while they cannot even use their own healthcare without incurring huge costs first.

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