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Old,bad childhood memories.. Punched in the face for no reason ?

As a kid, I was always well mannered and never got into any trouble. 

Of course, stereotypically, people like that get bullied, picked on and laughed at without a reason.

One thing that suddenly got on my mind was this incident when I got sucker punched by a complete stranger from the same school.

I was 12 at the time, and after a long day at school, some guy, same age different class,wanted to walk with me back home since we arent too far away...

Long story short, he was acting nice until we had to split up and he punched me square in the face...

I don't know him at all and the other way around...

I got pissed off but didnt confront him because of my non violent nature.

Now, 10 years later, sometimes I just want to get back at him...

Why do you think kids behave like that ?

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    Hard to know. What were you talking about? Maybe you were telling him about something you had or were going to do and he was jealous.

    Leave the past where it belongs. You are only stirring up negative feelings and keeping them alive.

    How you treat others is the important take away. Positive connections are what brings joy in one's life. 

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    He had or has a mental illness.

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    i wouldve told the police about it when it happened

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