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I Can't remember this old show/Movie i watched ?

I remeber that there was a boy he was throwing a baseball or something like that around with his father until his father went to work (he is referring to the main character. the main character was a boy, with either red or brown hair and i am fairly certain he war a blue sweatshirt and he would enter this other world through a book to help out these people of another world. He was friends with this girl of this land and her father, if i am not mistaken she was a princess and her father was some sort of wizard i think. The main villan was this witch with a crystal ball and they wore all green an black and i don't remember being able to see their face just the whites of their eyes. I am also fairly certain that this villan was female and had a name sarting with E or A (i remeberd it once when i was very little in a dream but forgot again when i woke up) They lived on a ship in the middle of a grass field that was inhabited by buffalo. The main character and his compainians sneak onto the ship because for some reason they need the crystal ball i think they needed to destroy it or something.  I saw it when i was quite young its been more than 15 years at the very least since i saw it, i am thinking its a slightly older movie/show  such as 80s, 90s maybe slightly older or slighly newer but i can't say for sure . It was entirely animated. 

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