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Is being mentally ill a reason to be a toxic person? ?

I met my friend 2 years ago. Last year she was super distance from me and my other friend. She confided in us later that she was going through some stuff and that's why she wasnt around a lot. 

This year we are around her more. But she isnt the same person I met two years ago. She is a mess. She is failing classes (we all go to college) she never shows up to classes. She has a boyfriend, whose actually a really nice guy. She is horrible towards him. She yells at him constantly, and I can tell he is drained from her, and he is developing some of her traits. 

She wanted to do a group Halloween costume. Me and our other friend agreed thinking it would be dollar store stuff for the costumes. I couldnt go shopping with them for the stuff because my homework. They told me the stuff was 40 dollars. 40 dollars for a costume I have to make?! I talked to my other friend about it, our friend made her buy a shirt for 30 dollars, she bought me pants that dont fit, the color of my costume doesnt match what its supposed to be. We agreed to talk to her about changing the costume to get white tshirts and painting them.

I mentioned it to my friend. She flipped out at me. She talked to me like garbage when I was just trying to make suggestions. I'm mad about. I didnt even have the time to work on this costume, and she treated me horribly. I've done a lot for her. I understand she has mental health issues, but she's now super toxic. Is it her fault? 

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  • 1 month ago

    A reason yes if the illness causes it an excuse no

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    It has been proven time and time again. Pearl L. 

    is mentally ill. She was also incarcerated for a few

    years for some crimes.

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