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Possible anxiety?

I had a strange evening this month and I still have no idea what actually happened, neither my workmates... I am not sure this was my generalized anxiety disorder.

I was in the bus of the bussiness that would get me and my workmates home from work at 10PM. After a short while I heard my workmate calling my name very loud and she scared me. Then I realized that I arrived at my stop and that somehow I didn't pay attention as I don't remember what happened before. I was scared for a few seconds and my other workmates had to calm me down before letting me get off the bus at my stop.

Has this happened to you?

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  • 1 month ago

    If you did not remember where you were

    you may have epilepsy.

  • amy
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    1 month ago

    Possibly. Anxiety or anxiety attack is worries. Panic or panic attack is fear. Both driven for different reasons and require different tactics to deal with. I recently had very bad anxiety for two day by the second day I was dissociating. The first day I realised its was abnornal to most anxiety attacks. I knew I was having an anxiety attack but there were strong unusual systems along side it sobi eventually went to the hospital and explained this. Turned out the gardening I had been doing with no proper equipment exposed me to a toxic compound that basically whatevet I touched it got transfered to. So the lips as aggravated by anxiety had contact. Just under my eye had contact. My tongue had contact and I had ingested. The cup I was touching to drink water had the toxin transfered to it so I was further ingesting is. I started off with an anxiety attack but the contact with toxin had caused symptoms and exacerbates the anxiety systems. This lasted for two days. If you are unsure of whats going on as a psychologist if you feel more in a hurry not to wait go to hospital to get it checked out.

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