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y’ = x + 4y cot 2x (using linear DE)?

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  • Ian H
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    4 weeks ago

    Here is a start; you join in.

    dy/dx = x + 4y cot(2x)

    dy/dx – [4/tan(2x)]y = x

    HINT: Integrating factor I = e^∫– [4/tan(2x)]dx

    ∫– [4/tan(2x)]dx = -2ln[sin(2x)] = ln{1/[sin(2x)]^2}

    I = e^∫P(x)dx = 1/[sin(2x)]^2 or [cosec(2x)]^2 if you prefer.

    Form an exact equation on the left and integrate

    Use I(x)*y = ∫x*I(x) dx

    See the next step and view the solution you should get at

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