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Can you feel someone's emotions through a hug?

I'm a guy and I hugged my guy friend the other day. we gave each other the pat hug where you shake hands and pat each other on the back with our chest touching each other. It was very gentle, I felt so relaxed and happy in the hug it was a very strong feeling, I was shocked with how great it felt, I never felt that way with anyone before (I've hugged many people). Do you think he felt what I felt?

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    Maybe it is spiritual.

    People become isolated, whether it is in family or in the society.

    So there is this strange fear, uncomfortableness when you walk out of your home or if you are in a unfamiliar environment, loveless environment. 

    When a familiar, friendly person hugs you you feel relieved(from fear, stress).

    I saw in a video where a person goes on about hugging strangers and encouraging them to hug other strangers - to experience that relaxed feeling, the person didn't give consideration to the other person's sex. So it looked perverted.

    //Do you think he felt what I felt?//

    He may or may not have been in your spiritual state. 

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    Yes,you sure can.

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