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Recommend me a board game?

Ok, I play board games with my family sometimes. Not really intense ones, but stuff like Parcheesi, Monopoly, trivia games, etc. I thought maybe I’d try introducing them to one of these super-keen board games that people play, but I don’t know where to start.

It needs to be simple but fun, and easy to learn. Games shouldn’t take more than an hour or so. My mother and sister are not gamers of any stripe, so it has to have casual appeal while hopefully offering whatever it is that these hobbyist-type games offer. Any ideas?

Edit: also it has to be four players and ten players.


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    Backgammon.  Doesn't take too long to learn, and leads to a lifetime of enjoyment.

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    Senet.  It's the oldest board game in the world.

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    Chess is the best. It's a brain game. Let's enjoy 

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    Sorry, Spy Alley, Bang!, Yahtzee, Blokus, Apples to Apples

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    You're generally looking for "gateway" games, which are games that are generally easy to pick up... but can be difficult to master.  While this can be a bit subjective, here's some games to consider.

    * Ticket to Ride (2 - 5 players) -- You & your fellow players are laying down tracks of your own railroads in order to complete secret tickets (which has you connecting two points).  It's fairly easy to pick up, but challenging to get some routes.  In my family, it picked up the name "Ticket to Troll" as it always seemed that my mother & I manage to cut each other off as we play.

    There's the 1910 expansion, which provides larger cards & more tickets.  I like playing the Mega variation (which is effectively the "kitchen sink" variation) out of simplicity.

    There are various versions of Ticket to Ride (Europe, Asia, Germany, Switzerland, ect.), but the original is generally the easiest to grasp.

    * Fluxx (2+ players) -- This is chaotic card game, order becomes EVERYTHING as you try to complete the goal.  Things start out simply by having players draw one card & then play one card.  HOWEVER, any new rules that are played go into effect IMMEDIATELY...  so if play "Draw 3 cards", you draw 2 more cards to comply.  If you play "Play 3 cards", you get to play 2 more cards.  HOWEVER, if you played "Play 2 cards" right after that, you would end your turn (as you've played 2 cards this turn).

    This game is perfect for pick-up games as all new players can jump right in by drawing 3 cards & then comply with the current rules (like hand limits).

    * The Resistance / Secret Hitler (5 - 10 players) -- These are both "secret role" games where the group is broken up into 2 teams & only the smaller "evil" team (Spies in The Resistance, Fascists in Secret Hitler) knowing who is on their side.  The object is to complete your goal before the other team (which the evil team is trying to subvert).

    Secret Hitler is a more adult themed as it's set in pre-WWII Germany, where the politicians (aka the players) are secretly fighting over the state of the country.  The "Liberals" are trying to pass 5 of their bills before the "Fascists" pass 6 of theirs...  HOWEVER, with the stack of bills against their favor (6 vs 11), some of the perks passing a Fascist bill (which allow a player to execute another player) & Hitler lurking among their ranks...  games can become heated, especially with large groups as the fascists know who's in their group, but NOT the Secret Hitler in this case.

    * Qwirkle (2-4 players) -- This is a fairly simple tile-laying game that's somewhat in the vein of dominoes.  Players take turn laying down tiles in a single row that's connect to the board either by shape OR color.  Players earn points for each line they create or extend & earn extra points for completing a line of 6 (called a "Qwirkle").

    The game ends when one player runs out of tiles & whoever has the highest score wins.

    * Settlers of Catan (2-4 players base, up to 6 players w/ expansion) -- Settlers of Catan is one of the more unique & casual-friendly games where players are trying to collect 10 victory points to win the game.  Players gather resources at the start of each player's turn & then redeem them to build their settlements OR trade with others to get what they want.

    For 5 & 6 player games, you'll need to add the expansion pack to accommodate more players on the island.  However, there's other expansions to this game you can enjoy as well.

    * Tsuro (2 - 8 players) -- This strategic tile-laying game has players as flying dragons who are just following the path that's laid out in front of them.  Players place a tile in front their stone & then everybody who's touching that tile follows the path until they reach an empty spot, crash into another player (which eliminates both players) or flies off the board (eliminating them).  Whoever is the last player standing is the winner, but high-level gameplay can make that difficult (ties are more likely to happen).

    * Apples to Apples / Cards Against Humanity (3+ Players) -- This party game (which allows new players to drop in during the game) has one player each round serving as "Judge" (which rotates around the table of players) as each player secretly (typically by keeping their card face down) provides their answer to the selected prompt.  The judge reveals all answers & select the one they like the best, which the player who casted that card reveals themselves to earn a point.  The game continues until a certain number of rounds are played OR a points threshold is reached (this is generally agreed upon before playing).

    Cards Against Humanity is the adult version of the game, which does include more risque cards that aren't appropriate for children & can easily offend some players who may take things too seriously (the game is typically played for laughs).

    I know this isn't an exhaustive list, but it should give you an idea on some games to check out.

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    So in board game world, what you are describing is a "gateway" board game. That term just means you're looking for something between classic board games (like Monopoly/Parcheesi) and more hardcore board games that are more complex, harder to learn, and generally have longer game play. Using the term "gateway board games" as a search term

    might help you when you are searching online for board game possibilities. 

    Some fun gateway board games that fit all your requirements, that work for four players:

    *Ticket to Ride


    *King of Tokyo



    *Settlers of Catan

    *Forbidden Desert

    None of the above work for 10 players though. You won't find many actual "board" games (meaning, with an actual board) that work for 10 players, just because it's hard to cram 10 people around one board where they can all reach. But here are some other fun games (that use cards and such) that work for 10 players:

    *Apples to Apples (or Cards Against Humanity, which is basically the "adult/NSFW" version of the same game)

    *Telestrations: 12 player Party Pack

    *Wits and Wagers Party

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    I strongly recommend Risk.

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