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Are descendants of Sophia of Hanover mean her children, grandchildren, cousins & their children, nieces & nephews and their children?

The line of succession is long it has about 5,000 people in that long line.

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  • Yes, this is correct. Clo is, as so often, incorrect having misunderstood something she cut and pasted. The uncles and aunts of Sophia of Hanover were not her dependents. Clo should learn to English.

  • Clo
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    Yes, aunts and uncles as well;the line is even longer than 5,000. As long as one is a direct, legitimate descendant of Sophia, who was the daughter of the second child and eldest daughter of James VI and I, King of Scotland, England, and Ireland, is Protestant,(the reason why the throne went to this line), and promises to uphold the Protestant succession.

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    Yes, if one can trace their ancestry back to Sophia of Hanover and not Catholic; they are indeed in line to the throne. Something pretty catastrophic would have to happen though, for #5,000 to get even a glimpse of the throne.

  • Anonymous
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    Yes. So long as they can trace a direct line back to the Electress of Hanover, they are somewhere in the succession. It is all a bit academic. Both the Queen and Prince Philip are descendants, but she inherits the throne as the daughter of the previous king whereas her husband is something like 600th in line. The number is not very precise as people are born into and die out of it all the time. Important to note that only non-Roman Catholics are in the succession. It does mean there is an end of the line.ย 

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