How do I make a food app for a mobile phone?

1 Answer

  • 1 month ago

    Easy, you learn how to code, you Buy, the needed software tools and books for the platform you are coding for. Decide which OS versions you are going to support, and make sure you keep up with current and future OS updates, to keep your app working.

    The tighter your code, the better, so not plugging in code module libraries that support permissions the app does not need, will make it much more appealing to a wider audience. 

    Then decide on who your target user is, and whether or not it's a local or national/international app. Contact the places or groups that farm out orders to the different app vendors to offer them breaks to funnel orders to you, over any of the well know and popular food ordering apps on the market now. So much goes into such apps, long before one line of code gets typed in. 

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