My favourite coffee mug has stains in it.?


I use the mug every day. The stain is mainly inside the bottom of the mug and around the mug towards the bottom. I've tried really rubbing it, scouring it and using a gentle abrasive. All worked at first, but nothing is shifting the stain now. I'm the only one who uses the mug, so it's not like anyone will see it. But I can and I don't like it!~ Any ideas how to get it back to original condition? Or should I just throw it out?

Update 2:

Thank you Tillys Mum - that's a good idea!

Update 3:

Thank you anon. I actually have denture tablets in the house - I'll give that a try tonight!

Update 4:

Thank you Tillys Mum, whilst your solution was a good one, I've awarded to Anon because I had denture tablets in the house and could try the idea. It worked!

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  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago
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    Denture cleaning tablets are also good to remove stains.

  • 4 weeks ago

    When my children were younger and I was bottle feeding them I used the steriliser which would bring the cups up like new. Now I use Milton sterilising tablets about once a month. Pop the cups in a sink of cold water and add one tablet and leave overnight. 

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