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Will we ever see Mitchell Miller play in the NHL at all?

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    Highly unlikely.  I'll just say for the record that he bullied a disabled black kid when he was younger.  He did this willingly and by choice.  That's not an accident.  That's a decision that can (and should) have consequences.  In the years since, he's never apologised nor has he sought treatment.  Meaning, he did the thing and him (along with his parents) basically thought that this was acceptable behaviour.  

    Even "if" the Coyotes didn't walk away from the pick (seriously- how dumb are they in not doing their homework on this kid) AND North Dakota didn't boot him off their team (which they did earlier today), he was already looking at some long odds.  Why USA Hockey hasn't given him the boot from the NDP program is, at best curious although that may happen before too long.

    Looking at raw data from Dobber Hockey, 4th round picks have (over time and based on a 30-team league) a 20% chance of playing in ONE NHL game, and a 10% chance of playing in more than 99 NHL games.  

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    3 weeks ago

    Hopefully not and good riddance. Unfortunately there are other a**holes like him 

    at many other levels of hockey, including your local beer league or pick-up game.

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