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Has being white become synonymous with white supremacy & therefore bad? The SJWs now want to remove the statues of Roman emperors?

Cancel culture targets ancient 2000 year old Roman emperors as activists reel back the centuries to make ‘white supremacy’ accusations.

The student group ‘Decolonization at Brown’ has launched an extraordinary campaign to topple the monuments of Emperors Caesar Augustus and Marcus Aurelius, arguing that they promote “white supremacy and colonialism.” 

The activists argue that the icons of the ancient leaders, who both died around 2,000 years ago, could have a negative impact on students from minority backgrounds.

The statues have both been in place for more than a century, but their days could be numbered, as the school’s Undergraduate Council of Students is set to vote on endorsing the initiative on Thursday.

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    If a statue of Caesar Augustus impacts an individual to the point that their college success is threatened, chances are they don't have what it takes to succeed, anyway.   Regardless of how leftists attempt to beat all perceived offenses into the ground, these people will eventually encounter something they cannot handle.

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    Honest to God, these people are insane.

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    Why the hell does a college in rhode island even HAVE statues of latin emperors who died nearly 1500 years before america was even discovered? What possible purpose could those statues serve?

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    A student group has a wacky idea and this is news? 

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    Self flagellation, such as associating being white with guilt -- is a mental condition 

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