I'm in my mid 60's and bought my first LG android phone. I get "to charge faster use the original charger". I AM using the original charger?

Why is this happening? I'm using a wall outlet at my home. Also, when I try to download an app or update an app, I get "waiting for download" and this goes on forever and it never downloads or updates. What's up with that happening? I thought these phones were supposed to be "smart". Thanks!


I'm using the original USB cable and charger that came with the phone.

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  • 1 month ago

    They often say this to discourage you from buying cords, chargers, etc. from elsewhere.  I have bought many of those things elsewhere, and they worked fine - sometimes, it will flash a question or notification that this is NOT THEIRS - so I hit the permission for, etc. and go on with life.  Some aftermarket things are better than what comes with - and if course, greet us also junk out there.  

    As far as slow uploads - that could be the Wifi in your house.  Big updates will take a few minutes, but an app from the app store should go pretty quick.

    Us "more life experience" folks can learn all this - because we have patience.  And on your phone, they is usually a book of directions. My iPhones have that - betcha you phone does, too.  Look in "Books".

    Take it slow - I am good at phones, computers, digital music programs - but replaced my 1973 sewing machine 2 weeks ago, and am still figuring out new stuff.  And it gets loud in the house ever so often, with unladylike words.  But each d ay is better.  Da Boss just replaced his espresso machine - so at least both of us are cursing at THINGS, and not yelling at each other.  On a good day, I hem his new jeans and he makes me a cappuccino.

  • 1 month ago

    Are you also using the factory supplied cord? The phone needs a strong data signal or be connected to wifi for stuff to download correctly.

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